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You asked for it and it’s finally on @Youtube. Watch @TayoFaniran's diary session on #TheSpot via this link http://bit.ly/1EuHnEQ

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MrRobby4real: I'm very sturbon but so respectful, guess what i mean. Bye!
WiseperBwoy: WiseperBwoy to EbonyLife TV

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Jimi Agbaje's plans for Lagos State? Watch EbonyLife TV DStv Ch. 165 at 8:00pm today for the exclusive scoop. Don't miss it!

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Wanna know Tayo Faniran.9JA BBA Hotshot's answer when asked "His most embarrassing moment'? Then watch ‪#‎TheSpot‬ today at 10:00pm exclusive toSee more

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Today on ‪#‎TheSpot‬: Lamide Akintobi kicks back with Cynthia Morgan, while MTVbase VJ Ehiz joins the loft-mates to discuss a topic that affecSee more

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